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  1. Love Rattan Corner Dining Table Garden Set - Grey
    Special Price €1,112.50 Regular Price €1,668.75
  2. Casa 4 Seat Round Garden SET - Grey
    Special Price €393.75 Regular Price €590.63
  3. Casa Grey Sofa Garden Dining Set - 7 Seat
    Special Price €1,011.25 Regular Price €1,516.88
  4. 'Love Rattan' Grey Rattan 3 Seat Sofa Rising Table Dining Set With Chairs and Stools
    Special Price €1,575.00 Regular Price €2,812.50
  5. Casa Rattan Rectangle 4 Seater Outdoor Garden Furniture Dining Table Set - Grey
    Special Price €525.00 Regular Price €1,250.00
  6. Love Rattan Corner Rising Table Garden Set - Grey
    Special Price €1,575.00 Regular Price €2,362.50
  7. Casa Rattan Rectangle 6 Seater Outdoor Garden Furniture Dining Table Set - Grey
    Special Price €713.75 Regular Price €1,275.00
  8. Ascot Rattan Garden Set 2+1+1+coffee table
    Special Price €1,098.75 Regular Price €1,781.25
  9. New York Garden Set 2+1+1+Coffee Table - Dove Grey
    Special Price €623.75 Regular Price €1,085.63
  10. Casa Grey Sofa Garden Corner Dining Set
    Special Price €987.50 Regular Price €1,481.25
  11. Casa Brown/Natural Sofa Garden Dining Set - 7 Seat
    Special Price €750.00 Regular Price €1,125.00
  12. Double Rattan Garden Swing - Grey
    Special Price €568.75 Regular Price €993.94
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Garden furniture, without a doubt, is a beauty to have. Outdoor furniture is quickly growing as a must-have for homes. Patio furniture has became very popular in recent years, whether you want to update your old set or buy your first set ever. We are happy to stock patio and garden furniture for all here at Love Furniture, so you're sure to find something to tickle your fancy!
Love Garden Furniture Ireland
Love Furniture loves a wide variety of garden furniture! We are now offering all you could possibly need to make your garden a small get-away. Why not update your garden with a set of tables and chairs? We stock these sets made from different materials to suit your home decor, tastes, and location. Wooden sets like oak, teak and wicker garden furniture. But if you're looking for a metal choice, our fantastic cast aluminium garden furniture is sure to go down a treat. Non-rusting and sturdy, these modern sets are proving to be a great addition to a variety of gardens. In addition to this, we also offer garden chairs and patio chairs, so there's no need to get in a tizzy if you can't find the right chairs for your patio! If that wasn't good enough, we also stock garden seats and benches. Now you can lounge out in your back garden in the most luxurious and comfortable way possible! All courtesy of our fine stock here at Love Furniture.
Love Price

We realize that every coin counts, so we aim to offer quality furniture at affordable prices -- prices that you certainly won't get in the high street. How do we do it? It's simple. Because we are 100% online, we don't have the overheads like our competitors do. If you've been quoted for something similar somewhere else, we will happily match that quote! It may sound too good to be true, but rest assured that at Love Furniture, customer satisfaction comes first.
Love Delivery
Why waste your time and money driving to a pick up location when we at Love Furniture have free delivery straight to your door for a hassle-free experience? We have our own warehouse, our own drivers and our own vans, so we ensure that you receive the product in the most efficient and helpful manner, with the product completely unharmed. If you do, on the off-chance, find something wrong with the product, you are covered by our one years guarantee which will provide you peace of mind.

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