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The material of this suite is 80% polyester and 20% cotton. With the foam, it's a pretty strong interior with a high density fiber foam mixed on top. There's like a pocket sprung in the seat itself. In terms of sagging, the spring helps it to return to shape, giving it good support then. It doesn't allow any kind of sink over time. In terms of cleaning, you could use a vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth. (It depends on the customer on how they use the product but in case of staining or anything, we wouldn't recommend any chemicals, we'd probably prefer more like a damp cloth or maybe use a water based, sort of detergent. As long as it's water based, not oil based, then there should be no problem at all. It has recliners left and right on the three seater, the two seats on the two seater and the one seater recline. They're all manual action and it's German made recliners.


May 23rd 2023

It's manufactured in Germany across Europe. It's full of high quality with all the components from the Austrian company It's a particle board. (Different types of oaks and wooden finishes or different whites and grays.) it's actually slightly damp cloth to clean it with, but they're very resistant material. There are multiple kinds of holes on the left side of the wardrobe to position the shelves in a few different directions. (They would be pre-drilled for different positions where you can put the pins in different positions, whether you want a larger opening or a smaller opening for your shelf.) There is an option to add the fully soft closers. It’s recommended to use the extra soft closers with the mirror sliders. Generally, the standard comes with one shelf and then the hanging rail on the right side depending on the wardrobe. You can add extra shelves. The wardrobes are fully pre-drilled to put extra shelves on both sides generally. The mirror panels have to be on the right hand side door because the drawers come through on the left hand side door. You build it from the ground up rather than on its back as it will be safer. If the floor is unstable, it may be something that you might have to pack to get to the door to run smoothly if there's any unevenness in the floor.


May 23rd 2023

The Leroy Suite has a faux suede upholstery on it. It's low maintenance, so it's good for kids and good for pets because it's easy to clean, easy to wipe down. It has a USB drop down trail function in the middle of it and a wireless phone charging point on it. All fabric has what 's called a Martindale Rub count. That's a rub test. (Basically, if you can imagine like a rubber just going over and seeing a bit of one inch piece of material just back and forward. The industry standard for a house is 15 to 20,000. All of our fabrics were 35,000 plus.) That means that they're great for families. They're especially great with young children because you can stand a bit of abuse so that Leroy fabric has a 35,000 Martindale count. That's the durable fabric on it, which makes it suitable for family homes. The Leroy is well ahead of any industry standard. So it's also UK Fire Resistant. It's been treated with the substance that makes it fire retardant. (So like if you were to drop a cigarette, a light, or coal or something falls on it, the material can absorb that at a certain amount of time before it would go on fire.) The seat cushion is a high grade foam. For cleaning, this would be recommended for all sorts of furniture just to use warm water. (The minute that you put any detergent on any suite, it will have a detrimental effect. Anything that has a chemical in it will automatically have a reaction. If you treat a suite quickly enough with lukewarm water, it'll be fine.) There’s a USB charging point on that and you've got the wireless charging point. The stocks will be in the marketplace for about four weeks.


May 22nd 2023

A beautiful spacious well made bed. Nice and secure with lovly spacious storage. Easy to assemble


March 24th 2023

The mattress is perfect, everything is great i would rate it a 5 and also customer service and delivery was great would also rate that 5


March 23rd 2023

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