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Harvery Norman Ireland Looses €7,400,000 and Celebrates!

Sales & Profit Recovery

Harvey Norman has reduced its losses drastically to a large extent this year, unlike its considerable losses in the passed decade. Sales, in the financial year, both online and in-store markets had outwitted its recent-years’ losses and revenue of about €150 millions in total from all 14 retailing outlets in Ireland. This being a positive sign in the growth of products that are sold online. Marketing and other reasons, Harvey Norman’s increase in the profit is: “winning the customers’ confidence levels”. The €149.2 million sales upto last June, 2013 was contributed by not only the two retail outlets situated in Northern Ireland but also the compiled inclusions of all the other 12 retail shops of the Republic.

Halved the Historic Loss in Harvey Norman in Ireland

Reachability and reliability of gaming gadgets, electronic wares, home appliances, furniture and various other accessories of Harvey Norman as a choice of preference for online purchase. Though losses reduced consecutively from €11 million to €7.4 million, the globally- accounted loss, of the parent company based-at Australia ,being €106 millions had already entered the track of profitability (According to Harvey Norman) and they expect that within the next financial year  commencing this July, the loss (global) will be halved and even neutralised with profitability for which the main support will be shared by the 14 outlets of Irish market since sales exceeded their expectations from July to December 2014. The economy is growing with increasing needs and requirements of Irish people, it could be said that a rising tide lifts all boats.

16. May 2015 by Eunan Mc Kenna
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