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Transformers, Furnishings in Disguise

We’d all love to have all the space we want, all the time but reality seems to prefer getting in the way.  Furniture that transforms gives you more options in the same space.

For a while, I lived and worked out of a little box room, I needed a space I could sit at my desk and work in, a space I could relax in and a space for sleeping comfortably. I’d written transforming furniture off as faff, thinking it was just gimmicky. But a folding futon bed changed my mind, I was able to have a comfy seat to read on, space for working and I could turn pretty much the entirety of the room in to a bed.

These days I have more space, but I still appreciate good design, especially when you get something practical without it become a wellington boot, practical but no amount of pretty colours and flowers will make it fashionable. For those that love their flowery festival wellies – they all look the same when you’re knee deep in mud.

One of the best examples of clever furniture I’ve come across has to be the Rihanna Corner suite/bed/storage/swiss army knife.

Rihanna Corner Suite

Unfortunately it’s not a Camaro aswell.

When you’ve got a corner suite, a double bed and somewhere to chuck extra bits and pieces in hidden away in to footprint of a sofa, you’ve got a great deal on the space you use.

If you’ve got a thing for vibrant colours, too much stuff, this wizard has some tricks up his sleeve.

Wizard Stool

Keep your most magical secrets squirreled away in this sneaky stool.

You can have fun matching colours, making clutter disappear and on top of that, it’s great value.

Of course you mightn’t be the bright colours, plastic and modern design person.  There’s an antidote and it doesn’t involve compromise. Personally I love this range, it’s beautiful, folding furniture that you can take seriously.

This writing desk, it makes me happy to look at it and it has the kind of style that makes it a tidier alternative to the old standard of foldy furniture, the writing bureau.

Livingstone Writing Desk

If nothing else you could grab your macbook and set this up outside starbucks, to become king of the hipsters.

Vienna Gas Lift Storage Bed

Storage out of sight in a sight to behold. We like furniture, ok? We love it!

Then there are beds, a bed is a big chunk of space in your house. It’s also something you can be lazy about, or you’ll not enjoy being lazy in it. however the likes of these gas lift beds give you a solid, real bed frame with easy storage underneath.

It’s a great place to store all sorts, and if you don’t tell anybody about it, you’ll forever win at hide and seek.

Last up is the obvious, dining tables that extend. But this isn’t the standard issue drop leaf table, this is a transformer. A totally modern table with a secret.

Crescent Dining Table

Hopefully not the kind that considers humanity vermin.

Just twist the top…

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