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What is Bonded Leather

 Bonded Leather is a unique upholstery material used in manufacturing furniture products and other related items. It’s actually made of pieces of natural leather elements which are adhered together into bigger sizes. Oftentimes, the bonded leather material is also referred to as “blended leather” or “reconstituted leather”. It usually undergoes specific processes whenever it is used in producing furniture products and other items. It differs completely from artificial leather material which does not have any element of natural leather.


What does bonded leather mean

Basically, bonded leather is normally manufactured by ripping up pieces of leather or fiber elements and reconstructing them together with strong bonding materials like adhesives. This can be carried out on a given surface which may assume any shape. The platform can be in form cloth or any other strong surface.

Oftentimes the production process of bonded leather takes a whole lot of tie. Sometimes, bonded leather can be coated with a quality layer element to make it look very smooth and glossy at the end. This makes it durable and strong at all times.

Meanwhile, the quality of bonded leather depends largely on the underlying material used in producing it. If the material is of lower quality, the end product will not be durable. On the other hand, the end product will be highly durable if the underlying material used is of higher quality. In any case, majority of furniture products made of bonded leather are often known to be more durable than products   made of ordinary genuine leather materials.


The Uses

Bonded leather is often used for diverse purposes. It’s usually used in the manufacturing of furniture products such as bonded leather sofas, chairs, and so on. It is also used in producing fashion accessories like bags, belts, and the like. The material is equally for binding books of diverse shapes.


The Pros

There are several benefits attached to bonded leather. Let’s outline them!

  • Bonded leather is very friendly to the environment
  • The material comes without natural defects. For instance, natural leather hide can have marks and imperfections from where the cattle (cow) has cut or damaged its skin during its life period.
  • It can be very cost effective
  • It’s known to be very durable when made of high quality underlying elements.
  • It’s also used for manufacturing various quality materials like furniture products, fashion accessories, desktop accessories, bags, and so on.

The Cons

There are few ugly aspects of bonded leather. Basically, the negative aspects stem largely from the underlying elements used in producing it. If the underlying element is of poor quality, the end product is likely to encounter problems when used. There are little or no side effects noticed when bonded leather is made of quality underlying material.

In all, bonded leather has a lot to offer when used for producing unique furniture products. You’ve got a lot to gain when you purchase items made of bonded leather. Such products are known to be very durable and qualitative.

09. April 2014 by Eunan Mc Kenna
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