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10 Weird and Wonderful Beds

We had a look online to find the most creative and strangest beds that money can buy. Don’t get too excited though, most of them would set you back more than you’d care to know, sometimes costing millions.

Letto Zip

The Letto Zip is a clever and stylish take on the traditional sleeping bag.

Great for those who feel that morning isn’t their best time. Instead of making the bed, simply zip it up and be on your way.

Magnetic Floating Bed

Named by TIME magazine as one of the best inventions of 2006, this hovering bed hangs in mid-air thanks to magnets built into it and the floor.

You are advised to take off any jewellery before lying down, but as it costs over $1.5m, I’m not sure if you’d be able to afford any..

Curve Pet Bed

Don’t forget your little friends! Designed by Akemi Tanaka, these beds can be mounted to any wall and will suit most small dogs and cats.

Feel Seating System Deluxe

This system of 120 soft ‘sofa balls’ can be arranged into whatever position you want.

As this bed is limited only by your own imagination, playing with these will prove irresistible to visitors and kids.

The Sonic Bed

This award-winning bed goes beyond built-in speakers. The sound surrounds you in a way that you can feel all over your body.

It can also be used as an instrument and a recorder. If you were talented enough, you could even make a whole album from your bed.

Vertical Bed

Designed by Brazilian visual artist Ernesto Neto, this odd idea is more of an art installation than a real place to sleep.

Although the pillows would hold you up, wouldn’t your feet get tired?

Book Bed

The brainchild of Japanese photographer Yusuke Suzuki, it allows bookworms to burrow between the pages and get snug.

It comes with large cut out shapes making it a comfy play-mat during the day.

Hammock Bed

�Also called ‘Le Beanock,’it is the dream of every lazy man who wants to watch the football in luxury.

You may recognise this from BBC’s Dragon’s Den, where the inventor was offered €54,000 to invest in the idea.

Private Cloud

This handmade bed can gently rock you to sleep.

Elegant and relaxing, this bed is built for those who want a quiet space to read, meditate or enjoy a cup of tea.

Formula 1 Racing Car Bed

This bed is perfect for boy racers. Affordable and easy to assemble, it can brighten up any room.

Part of our own collection at, check out our Beds section for loads of beds to suit everyone.

12. March 2013 by Eunan Mc Kenna
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